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  • Farm bill reform, transparent budgeting
  • Work with the states and private corporations to create a desertification program that works for America. 
  • Create water conservation programs within each state to reduce water usage on crops.
  • Create a state-by-state agricultural infrastructure plan that conserve land while also increasing food production.
  • Continue innovation of sodium ion batteries to further desalinization and expand battery plants along the coasts. 
  • Support the efforts to turn American deserts into sustainable, usable land.
  • Foster water conservation efforts across the planet. 
  • Work to create, produce, and distribute sustainable land coverage by region.
  • Work with farmers and engineers to create more sustainable urban large scale farming facilities.
  • Work with the private sector and farmers to end all food deserts in the United States.
  • Work to end all use of pesticides and GMO's in foods.
  • Lower cost of organic foods to increase affordability. 
  • Enhance and expand farming to create livable careers within the field of agriculture.
  • Promote vertical farming in all major U.S. cities.
  • Promote regenerative farming practices in both government and the private sector.
  • Incentives for faster transitions into new farming practices.

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