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  • The United States needs to hold China accountable for its actions and lack thereof with regards to the Coronavirus

    • We can do this by refusing to fund further research efforts if the Chinese are involved and by ensuring strict containment policies are created and followed

    • Impose economic sanctions on China if they continue to research deadly diseases without the support of other countries health agencies

  • The government should not get to determine which businesses are essential and which are not, instead this should be up the the business owner to decide if that want to remain open during a pandemic.

  • The federal government should be prohibited from bailing outs of large corporations. 

  • Codify in the Code of Federal Regulations that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cannot implement nationwide health orders but can only issue health advisements

    • Health orders belong to the individual states and localities - not the federal government

  • Pass a law that prohibits the President of the United States from being able to issue health orders for federal agencies/land without congressional approval

  • Vaccinations

    • Enact federal legislation that prohibits the mandatory vaccination of citizens 

      • Vaccinations should always be voluntary and the recommendation to be vaccinated should be backed by scientific study of the vaccine and its effects. 

      • Vaccinations should always be a choice for an individual and their doctor. 

    • Reform the approval processes for vaccinations to ensure that long term side effects are consistently studied and vaccines continue to get approval throughout the life of the vaccine and not just once.

    • Enact legislation that requires pharmaceutical companies to disclose the ingredients of their vaccines

    • Companies can be held civilly and criminally liable if they mislead the government or the public about their vaccines

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