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  • Recognize the domestic terrorism actions of any group in the United States based on their actions not their speech.
  • Remove the three strikes law. 
  • Promote the 2nd Chance Act to help reform past felons into society 
  • Work to reduce the use of prison to reform people
  • Set up a larger institution for repeat offenders of smaller crimes 
  • Promote the Broken Windows philosophy to help better our communities and to increase community engagement  
  • Create a set standard for police training across America.
  • Support tort reform to reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits that are backlogging our court system
  • Crack down on sex trafficking of adults and children by increasing the penalties of those convicted of sex trafficking 
  • Work with the private sector to cut down on illegal content on the internet platforms and  protect copyright and intellectual property rights
  • Work to break up gangs in the inner cities by increasing preventative programs
    • increase funding for social outreach programs such as Big Brother and YMCA to give youths alternatives to gangs.
  • Promote the use of alternative sentencing for nonviolent crimes


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