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  • Anti-common core
  • Anti no child left behind.
  • Capping college cost for students
  • Focus on stem in public schools.
  • Enhance different learning styles in schools to accommodate all students, including but not limited to;
    • Visual (Spatial)
    • Aural (Auditory-Musical)
    • Verbal (Linguistic)
    • Physical (Kinesthetic)
    • Logical (Mathematical)
    • Social (Interpersonal)
    • Solitary (Intrapersonal)
    • Naturalistic 
  • Teachers will be tested yearly to ensure proficiency in their subject and teaching style to increase quality education with a focus on remediation and if necessary, removal.  
  • Every public school will be required to have all forms of learning to better accommodate all students. 
  • All public schools will have uniforms that are distributed by the schools at no cost to families.
  • School of choice will be promoted.
  • Charter and Tech schools will also be promoted.
  • Per student yearly funds will no longer stay with the school that the student attends on census day but instead be distributed to every school the student attends during the year.
  • All sports activities must be funded by local businesses or parents with the exception of low-income households.
  • Teachers’ wages will be based on the cost of living in the district the school is located.
  • The school year will be extended while also adding in more breaks to make sure all educational markers are hit while also giving families time together and allowing students and teachers time to decompress throughout the year. This would include a 4 day fall break, 16 day winter break, 4 day spring break, and 60 day summer break. 
  • All schools will be on the same schedule.
  • High school will be set up with 2 paths- vocational or general - to give more options to students to better their future.
  • reincorporate life skills classes-such as drivers training, finance, and home living-into schools.
  • Require an in depth civics class into graduation requirements.
  • Higher education will be reformed. 
    •   All higher education degrees will put a focus on classes that are needed to succeed within their respected field and less focus on generalized classes.

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