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Energy and oil

  • The United States will work toward more environmentally friendly forms of energy. 
  • We will work to move the United States away from fossil fuels in a phased plan that forms partnerships with public and private enterprises. Expand the use of nuclear, geo-thermal, solar, wind, and natural gas.
  • Explore the use of eco-friendly nuclear power that has been advanced in the las century. 
  • Work with oil and gas companies to switch to nuclear energy while using tax incentives to keep companies in local areas and train current employees to be successful in the new field. 
  • Work to remove pipelines and fracking that damages the environment.
  • Encourage the use of Yellowstone as an environmental geothermal energy source which benefits include reducing the pressure in the volcano and create clean, natural energy that could help power the United States.
  • Use tax incentives to encourage homeowners to be energy efficient. 
  • Raise standards for section 8 housing and school systems to become more environmentally friendly. 
  • work with companies and within neighborhoods to bring energy efficient projects needed in local communities into fruition. 

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