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  • Pro 2nd amendment 
  • We stand by the American citizens' right to arm and protect themselves.
  • Pro Universal background checks on all gun purchases
  • Increase funding for firearm safety courses 
  • Work to create a biometric locking system on all firearms
  • All felons with violent crimes convictions are prohibited from owning a firearm permanently
  • Anyone with a history of mental illness may be prohibited from owning a firearm only after a court has ruled so and since the 2nd amendment is a constitutional right - the courts must follow strict guidelines that are not open for judicial (an individual judge’s) interpretation
    • Firearms may be prohibited if the court finds, that after hearing credible testimony, the person poses a danger to themselves or others - hearsay would not be permitted
    • The person must be continually evaluated every year to ensure that the person’s rights are not being infringed
  • Firearms manufacturers cannot be held liable if their products are used in the commission of a crime
  • No limits on the amount of ammunition or magazine capacity you are permitted to have
  • Pro National Reciprocity - if you are issued a Concealed Carry Permit in one state, it is valid in all 50 and the District of Columbia
  • Businesses can still refuse to have firearms on their property - criminal offense to have a firearm in a business or building that prohibits them 

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