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Foreign Policy


  • ·- the United States needs to address its role in the world, strengthen its alliances with other nations, and look towards peace talks with hostile nations.
  • ·- Any nations caught acting aggressively or maliciously toward the US or our interests will be held to the highest consequences within our power.
  • ·- the US will work with its allies to keep watch on the expansion of China's and Russia's aggression in the world. We will no longer go at it alone.
  • strengthen the United State's alliance with the state of Israel and the kingdom of Jordan for a peaceful option in the Middle East.
  • The United States will work to create a joint commission with leading doctors in other nations to prepare for future pandemics.
  • Restructure the world health organization for its incompetent handling of the COVID pandemic.
  • recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation and begin trade negotiations and pacts with Taiwan
  •  recognize the actions of the Chinese communist party toward its minority Muslim population and aggression and unlawful occupation of East Turkestan.
  • recognize and bring to the world stage Chinese aggression and occupation in the state of Tibet
  • recognize the aggression and unlawful occupation of what is now known as southern Mongolia and its people being forced into China's authoritarian government.
  • recognize the aggression and unlawful occupation of Manchuria
  • work to get a grand coalition of Asian countries to work together to create peace in Asia.  
  • condemn and respond to China's actions in the south China sea.
  • work to ease tensions between Pakistan and India
  • work with European allies to help bolster and strengthen eastern Europe against Russian aggression
  • condemn and recognize the actions in Turkey in the Arminian genocide.
  • work with Syria and Turkey to end the violence and give the Kurdish people their own governing body and their lands drawn out and independence known as the state of Kurdistan.
  • recognize and stand with the revolutionaries in the country of Iran to bring power to the people in Iran.
  • condemn what Syria is doing to its people and the use of chemical weapons
  • work with the state of Israel to help bring water to developing nations.
  • work to normalize relations with Cuba if it promises to denounce the Castro regime and its rule.
  • require every country to pay an equitable share of the cost of resources for social aid and advancement.
  • work with the government of Mexico to eliminate the massive amounts of drugs and crime crossing the border between the 2 countries.
  • recognize the new leadership in the country of Venezuela and condemn the power grab from the ex-president.
  • work with Brazil to end its destructive measures in the Amazon rainforest and to promote reforestation efforts
  •  recognize Saudi Arabia's actions in the region and work toward an Arab alliance in the nation to reduce extremism and promote equal rights for women
  • promote the idea of a united African continent to better strengthen and bring wealth and ideas to the continent. Help Africa strengthen its stance in the world and become a developed continent and bring them into the 21st century.
  • Work toward unification of the Korean peninsula to bring prosperity and wealth to the Korean people.
  • recognize and condemn the atrocities in Myanmar

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