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Government reform

  • Term limits
    • 4 terms of 2 years each for a total of 8 years of service for the House of Representatives
    • 2 terms of 6 years each for a total of 12 years for the Senate
    • 2 terms of 4 years each for a total of 8 years for the President
    • 2 terms for of 4 years each for a total of 8 years for the Vice President
    • 1 term of 15 years for all federal judges including those on the United States Supreme Court. 
  • Political Lobbying would be prohibited 
  • The Federal Government would be required to have a Balanced Budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would automatically trigger a shutdown and cessation of services if the government spends more money than what it takes in. 
    • If the government is to ever shut down for the inaction of our representatives their salary is also frozen on the spot and will not be paid out until the government is reopened.
    • They cannot be back paid anytime the government was shut down.
  • All Congressional salaries and benefits would be paid out by their respective states and the state legislatures would determine what these would be. 
    • All raises, etc.… would have to be approved by the representative’s own state legislature
    • No federal funds would pay for representative’s salaries/benefits. 
  • Federal funds may be expended to pay for operational support staff (only those positions that are absolutely necessary - security, maintenance, cleaning crews etc.…)
  • Exception - the Speaker of the House’s salary shall be paid by the federal government and salary shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the House
  • The speaker may not draw both a federal and a state salary and may take the higher of the two salaries
  • Congressional members will not receive a federal government pension after the completion of their time in office. They could receive a pension if they contributed on their own to a state employees retirement plan/pension

Members of the Executive Branch may only receive a government pension if they elected to make contributions to a federal government backed pension plan (TSP). All federal employees are subject to all taxes that the American people are. 

All federal judges shall receive a federal government pension of 50% of their highest salary at the time of retirement. The pension will last for 10 years and then will expire. 

Presidents/Vice Presidents

  • Will only receive Secret Service protection for 10 years after the completion of their final term in office
  • Will be required to secure their own medical insurance and will no longer have taxpayer funded healthcare once they leave office
  • Will no longer be allowed to bill the federal government for operational expenses and would not be allowed to have a yearly stipend (this stipend ranges usually into the millions of dollars per year, per ex-president)
  • Presidential libraries cannot be funded with taxpayer dollars

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