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  • The federal government and state governments will put a cap on pharmaceutical prescription prices.
  • Healthcare transparency- clear explanation of the cost of all procedures will be required in advance for all non-emergency situations 
  • All health insurance companies must provide plans that cover preexisting conditions.
  • Roll back tax burdens on health insurance companies to keep prices as low as possible.
  • Lower regulations on health plans.
  • Encourage medical innovation. 
  • Eliminate government intrusion on healthcare.
  • Work with the private sector to enable plans to protect patients from significate unexpected healthcare cost.
  • Create health insurance plans that are customizable and can change with different stages of your life to ensure you are only paying for what you need, when you need it.
  • Modernized Medicare should include private insurance options and HAS.
  • Medicaid should bridge towards private insurance.
  • Role of nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and retail clinics should be expanded, effectively lowering the cost of treatment while increasing accessibility. 
  • Open the free market in healthcare.
  • Anti-single payer system
  • Pro-market system healthcare with less regulations
  • Caps on plans pricing.
  • Work on a system of ideas for more preventative medicine and promote healthier living.
  • Work with health coverage to create multi bracket plans from (preventative, mild, moderate, severe, critical, and life-threatening coverages). 

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