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  • There will not be a federal minimum wage, minimum wage will be set by the states.
  • The United States will be a right to work nation. National laws will be implemented that give workers the right to work without fear or intimidation. Additionally, unions will not be required and wages cannot be garnished to cover union dues for nonmembers.
  • Unemployment benefits will be set to 70% of what you were making while employed. 
  • Unemployment benefits will require proof of beneficiaries seeking work.
  • After 6 months of joblessness the state will be able to assign temp jobs to those on unemployment. Temp jobs will have to meet realistic working conditions per individual to be considered viable work and unemployment will continue until after the first paycheck has been received.
  • Benefits are reduced after any 6 month period, in or not in continuation and removed after a year in succession.
  • Increase funding for vocational training programs and apprenticeships.
  • Encourage companies to accept military certifications and training as equivalent to job training, or years of experience. 

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