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Tax Reform

  • Remove the current federal income tax and implement a nationwide sales tax on goods and services - makes it more equitable for taxes
  • Americans will be able to keep more of their hard-earned money and would only pay taxes on the items they use the most
  • Create a tax filing system that is easy for Americans to navigate, allowing everyone to feel confident filing their taxes.
  • Impose a bracket corporate tax without reductions. Percentages will be based on the profit gained by the corporation. The more a corporation makes the more they will pay.
  • Keep the social security tax and Medicare tax on paychecks but reform how it is spent to make sure people will have it for years to come 
    • Ensure that the SSA of 1934 is reinstated so that these funds are not allowed to be used for other items
    • Conduct an audit every two years to ensure that social security payments match with inflation and cost of living according to the consumer price index
  • Create a constitutional amendment that states any time federal taxes are raised, the American people must vote on it by general ballot
  • Encourage the states to implement a statewide sales tax and to remove their state income taxes
  • All other taxes would be removed (i.e., Death tax, gift tax, gambling tax etc.…)

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