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Technology and infrastructure

  • Create a partnership with NASA, private owned companies, and other countries to further explore space.
  • Support the exploration of mining space minerals.
  • Partner with other nations to explore the possibility of Mars colonization and to responsibly utilize the resources found on Mars.
  • Continue to develop technology that will better the standard of living for all Americans with an emphasis on medical advancements.
  • The Federal Government must prioritize the infrastructure of the United States by allocating the necessary funds to fix, repair, and create infrastructure for the 21st century. 
    • Infrastructure means roads, bridges, waterways/ports, airports
    • Increase penalties for construction projects that are over budget, not completed on time, or that cut corners
  • Increase funding to revitalize and replace our electrical grid
    • We must increase the energy output of our electrical grid and reduce rolling black outs in many parts of the country
    • Create incentives for electrical companies to upgrade their electrical relays and power plants
    • Increase security of the U.S. electrical grid by requiring companies to upgrade their cyber and information technology security systems every year
  • Increase funding and incentives for tech companies to remain in the United States and to partner with public schools to attract talented students into the advancing career field. 
  • Increase funding for STEM, vocational programs, and apprenticeships in public schools

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