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  • Work to make the United States the largest Fair Trade economy. Free Trade often leads to one-sided trade deals which decreases the value of goods and services which increases poverty. Under Fair Trade, manufacturers, farmers, tradesmen etc.… are compensated a fair and decent wage for their efforts which results in increased wages, increased benefits, and allows for a more sustainable way of life for all involved. 
  • Pro Trans American-European and American-Asia partnerships.
  • Pro Trans American-African and American-South American partnership.
    • This means getting incentives for American companies to increase their presence in many of the developing nations in Africa and South America and using economic power to encourage developing democracies on the African continent and to reduce the amount of government corruption, graft, and vice in these countries.
  • Tariffs should only be used when a country is leveling them against our own or when it is absolutely in the United States best interest to do so - tariffs should not be used lightly
  • Create an incentive program to encourage American companies to have more than 75% of their manufacturing facilities and operations in the United States. 
  • Strengthen laws that require companies to identify where items are manufactured and where their materials were sourced from


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